Speaking Topics With Antar

The 7 Lessons Of Entrepreneurship

This wisdom is like attending an advanced university. Learn how to turn your business and sales career into a huge success.


The Secret Of Sales Success/A Challenge For The 80/20 Theory

With this secret you will blow past the competition and prosper as a top sales executive. This simple secret is worth a fortune to you. Remember we are all selling something. This challenge for the 80/20 theory shows you how to get more productivity out of 75% of your sales team.

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Concentration And Visualization Techniques That Produce The Most Powerful You

Learn how to use the laws of prosperity and abundance found in the synergy of the 12 laws of the universe. Remember the law of attraction is just one of the laws. Now you will learn how to use the miraculous power found in the other eleven laws.

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Excel With The Characteristics Of A Champion

In this presentation, Antar shows you the key motivating factor in the lives of top achievers. Strengthen your endurance in business development and sales performance.

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The Seven Heavens Of The Mind

Learn how to use 100% of your brain. Using less than 10% of your brain power is not acceptable and not enough to survive, no wonder our populace is depressed and experiencing too many hardships. This Instruction in the proper use of the mind will change our present environment to one of higher productivity and accomplishments.

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The Theory Of Conjunctive Congruity-

Continuity and Coherent Cohesion – Once you apply this formula your world will become the existence you now dream about. Learn how to achieve true Power and fulfillment in your life.


The Art Of Planetary Thinking

When you understand how much power you have access to you’ll never doubt yourself again. Through this presentation, Antar teaches you how to master your ability to think BIGGER, SMARTER and FASTER.

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Marriage Is The Best And Most Profitable Business-

Learn how to establish a sustainable differential advantage in your marriage. Men and women are experiencing low productivity in the workplace due to troubled relationships. You will learn the cure to this societal ill. The beginning of this speech is dedicated to answering the question: What is a woman? When we answer that question then we have arrived.