“The True Power of Spiritual Leadership”

“The highest station of leadership is not business, political or religious leadership. It’s not military, scientific or social leadership. It is the science of spiritual leadership. If you are a fortune 100 C.E.O, billionaire real estate tycoon, successful entrepreneur, school teacher, congressman, parent, scientist, carpenter or small business owner. The ingredient that will take you to the next level of success is to master the true power of spiritual leadership.” 

True spiritual leadership is best demonstrated in the lives of the men and women that the Creator sent the Angels to assist, the Messengers and Prophets.

Men and women that received revelation and produced spiritual leaders from their families. I’m speaking of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Moses, David, Jacob, Mary, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddah etc. After careful examination of their biographies and by disecting their mission, it is plain to see that they had a special fortitude, will power, determination and persistence to get the job done.

They were not extraterrestrials they were mortal human beings that can be modeled and emulated.

They had faithful stamina and a universal secret that is missing in the people today. They had a moral conscisciouness  and courage that does not exist in the vast majority of present day leaders.

So, there is a need for the original power of spiritual leadership, that is the mission of the Stay In The Miracle Institute. This world needs institutions that will be saviors for the people. Institutions that produce powerful spiritual leaders to guide and direct the people.

The Spiritual Leadership Academy is designed to produce people who are powerful, dynamic public speakers who are championship performance coaches and effective, efficient decision makers. Men and women who have the true power of spiritual leadership.