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Meta-Spiritual Leadership Academy


The True Power of Meta-Spiritual Leadership

“The highest station of leadership is not business, political or religious leadership. It’s not military, scientific or social leadership. It is the science of meta-spiritual leadership. If you are a fortune 100 C.E.O, billionaire real estate tycoon, successful entrepreneur, school teacher, congressman, parent, scientist, carpenter or small business owner. The ingredient that will take you to the next level of success is to master the true power of meta-meta-spiritual leadership.” 

 Championship Performance Coaching System


“The Most Powerful YOU”       “Coach Yourself To Mastery”

I want to speak to the most powerful you. This is a part of you that you might not recognize yet. We have six subjects for you to master, world issues in need of solutions, which you will help solve. This is a championship coaching system involving you in championship concepts and training to bring out your best and highest consciousness.

  1. What Is A Woman Tour – Join The “What is a Woman Tour” and help elevate the female population of the world.
  2. How to Reverse the Ethnic Annihilation – Be a part of the solution to the African American dilemma.
  3. The Secret of the Infinite Intelligence – Learn How To Decode The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence
  4. Become One with Nature – Become a Universal Custodian for the Earth
  5. The Cure – Achieve Excellent Health & How to Slow Down the Aging Process Using the Power of Your Mind
  6. The Energy of Death – Death is the Agency of New Birth

 The Master Plan


The Strategic Development of Generational Wealth

If you have never inherited generational wealth then you must master this course because this wisdom represents your opportunity to be the example of success and the first person in your family to develop the foundation of generational wealth.

In this training you will learn the distinct difference between the power of developing individual wealth and the super power of developing generational wealth.Your family name can now become permanent, your family name can be like Hilton, Hertz, ford and Toyota.

The Secret Science of Genetic Rehabilitation


The Secret Science of Genetic Rehabilitation

The rebuilding of the human mind body and soul on a cellular level. Who you have been in the past is not who you have to be today.

Using the Secret Science Of Genetic Rehabilitation you will help yourself and others become the super successful person you have imagined and dreamed you would become. With this Secret you will achieve MASSIVE improvement physically, mentally, spiritually and meta-spiritually in every cell of your body.