(more U.S. soldiers from the war in Iraq have committed suicide(22/day with a total so far of 5000), after returning from war than the soldiers who were killed on the battlefield). Many of those who committed unjustified murders also take their own lives either by their own hands or they place themselves in a position for someone else to kill them, It’s an unnatural cycle of death (the law of reciprocity warns (“thou shalt not kill”). When a country kills innocent people, the law of reciprocity will bring about the death of that country’s citizens and so on and on for generations.
Solution 6: Once the perpetrators of murder completely learn the true consequences of their actions on a spiritual level, murder will end. They will be educated to understand the spiritual disaster they will experience mentally while they live and the horror they will experience when their souls are taken at death. The energy of death is positive when it is natural. When animals kill for food and humans kill for food, there is a natural life giving benefit from the life that is taken. Life that is taken to abuse animals for commercial gain creates a diabolical atmosphere that harms the health of those that eat those animals.

When a person dies of natural causes, it represents a new beginning for that family and the friends of the one who has passed from this existence. Those who have died on this earth out number those of us who are here. The bodies were placed in earth and many died at sea, but no physical matter has left the earth and its atmosphere so those bodies decomposed and the elements are still here creating life over and over again. Death is really life producing, Once recognized for its true essence, death becomes one of the greatest forces in the universe, without it, life as we know it would end. Where does the energy and spirit go and where did it come from to begin with? Nothing has left the earth’s atmosphere, everyone has been born of material matter, that matter is still here, that magnetic energy has been recycled in ways that are beyond our comprehension and in ways that we can understand. In this training, we will explore the Energy of Death and how it will produce world peace. Make natural death your friend. When you learn to embrace it, life becomes more meaningful.