…and put them in a position of disrespect. The biggest crime is that laws were placed on the books that subject women to a less than equal spiritual position. In Chicago, the state law says women can drink at the age of 18 and men at 21, women 666 and men 777. Woman is given a physical designation and the man a spiritual designation, It’s no wonder that ancient spiritual leaders taught that women did not have a soul. There is no end to oppression and persecution experienced by the female. The Stay in the Miracle Institute has a solution to this global problem.

Solution 2: The “What is a Woman Tour” holds the answer. Now, the solution to how women will attain equality and justice in this world is revealed. Women are equal intellectually and spiritually with men and are equal citizens of this planet. Most importantly, they are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Women have been tricked, this movement and training will once and for all place women in their rightful positions as leaders and power brokers in partnership with men in all the important life giving areas. The “What is a Women Tour” will use unity, synergy and strategic positioning to right an unbalanced world. The solution to women suffrage is here in the training…join the “What is a Women tour.”