Movie Coming Soon To A Theater Near You 2022

The secrets are in the pages of Dr. Shepherd’s Universe, which will light up our minds in the tradition of Jules Verne’s From Earth to the Moon, Octavia Butler’s the Parable of the Talents,

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, George Lucas’s Star Wars, James Cameron’s Avatar,  and Steven Spielberg’s ET and Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

Just as the Wachowski brothers educated us in their Matrix trilogy, it’s time again to sit back and be amazed as Antar takes the stage with a story that will put its stamp on science fiction. It is predicted that Dr. Shepherd’s Universe will become the greatest science-fiction story ever told.

In this story is a powerful formula of success that will enable 500 million people to change this planet into a safe place of peace, harmony, and abundance for all.

This is not a naïve utopian prediction. It is a concept based on reality designed to produce a green environment and a healthy business and social establishment everywhere on this planet.

The Nine speaks telepathically and subliminally to his listeners branding a permanent impression into their mind.
He also speaks through his hosts computer speakers and he makes his voice audible from the portals on the side of his head so the surveillance recorders can hear his message.

Characters - Sneak Peek