Of course there is. Is there life after kindergarten? Is there life after high school? Life after unemployment? Is there life after divorce? There is life after all of these situations and circumstances.

We are constantly graduating from level to level or regressing and going backwards having to repeat life’s lessons over and over again.

You are here on earth to qualify yourself for an excellent position in the here after. It’s a shame that 98% of the population doesn’t know this or doubts this reality, because if they could see the knowledge of this progression from one stage to a higher stage, they would work harder to earn a higher position in the next life.

Don’t you have a desire to improve your life style? Increase your income? Doesn’t a person who is seeking higher education earn a bachelors degree and then a masters and finally a Ph.d. what about those who are not involved in traditional education but studies under a qualified Master teacher until they become a Master.This improvement process is everlasting. That’s why you can not afford to entertain a downward spiral of negativity and poverty thinking or regress into a degenerative life style, because the level that you achieve here on earth intellectually and spiritually while you are here will be a direct reflection of your level of entry and your existence in the next life.


Is there life after birth into this world? Where we’re you before you came here? You had to die to one existence to come alive in another.

Does a caterpillar die in order for it to become a butterfly. Yes it dies to the idea of being a caterpillar and accepts it’s destiny as an improved creation that has greater powers and greater potential. You must continue to transform into higher creations, higher physical, intellectual and spiritual powers as you qualify yourself for greater service in the next life, a higher station in the company of souls compatible with your spirit and education.

Last example, we are taught that heaven and hell begins in this life. A perfect example of hell in this life is the prison existence where you must spend 25 years for your errors in a violent invirnment with others like yourself and even worst. Imagine being in a violent prison with people who have a pessimistic, hateful outlook on life, thats hell on earth. Heaven in this life is a great family life with financial independence, great friends and great health while having an attitude that is always loving and optimistic. When that prisoner is paroled hopefully he or she has evolved and is properly prepared for life in the real world and is no longer detrimental to society. When the inmate accepts to die to prison life and a prisoner’s criminal mentality and is reborn in to the freedom or heaven they have dreamed about for so many years, they become a witness, they realize that there is life after death,

it’s a universal law like gravity it can not be changed or escaped, so prepare yourself, gualify yourself for elevation or neglect your responsibility to advance and do the opposite, qualify yourself to live and exist among the degenerates who drifted and deviated from the path of freedom, justice and equality here on earth.

Get ready! Become conscientious and righteous because no one gets out alive, you are racing against time and you can win this race, we all must die so that we can live in the here and now and then in the here after.

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