Championship Performance Coaching System For The Cosmic Entrepreneurs


I want to speak to the most powerful you. This is a part of you that you might not recognize yet. We have six subjects for you to master, world issues in need of solutions, which we will give to you. This is a championship coaching system involving you in championship concepts and training to bring out your best and highest consciousness. The objective is for you to become the championship coach, the master teacher and this will happen when you are obedient  to the disciplines that we teach. I know you have been told that you cannot save the world, but I’m here to tell you that you can. I will show you how you can do it with millions of other student masters and master teachers. It’s time for you to meet the most powerful you.

The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence
1. The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence

Learn How To Decode: The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence.

Problem 1 : It appears to the world’s citizens that world peace is not possible and hate, terrorism, war is here to stay. That homelessness, starvation, incurable disease and poverty is growing in the world with no solution in sight. This world view has a large part of our global population in a state of worry and depression. These horrible mental conditions are producing post-traumatic stress in the masses. These unstable conditions appear to exist with no cure. Well, here is the good news…..

2. What is a Woman Tour

Join The “What Is A Woman Tour” and help elevate the female population of the world.

Problem 2 : The trafficking of women for prostitution, the exploitation of violence and against women has become epidemic. Women are not treated as equal world citizens and don’t have the same educational, employment and income opportunities as men. Often times, they don’t get the same wage for the same work. Women for thousands of years have been treated as second class aliens on this planet, treated like sex toys and used by advertisers to provide sex appeal to products. A worldwide pornography industry has placed all women in danger……

Unity and peace
3. How To Reverse The Ethnic Annihilation

Be apart of the solution to the African American dilemma.

Problem 3 : After experiencing the kidnapping of millions of people from the continent of Africa and the horrid middle passage across the Atlantic Ocean where millions died. Men, women and children endured murder, rape, burnings, hangings and humiliation that no human beings should ever face. 350 years of chattel slavery more cruel than any form of slavery in human history and years of Jim Crow, ethnically annihilated a people…..

4. The Cure

Achieve Excellent Health & How To Slow Down Aging process Using The Power Of Your Mind.

Problem 4 : The fountain of youth has been discovered. The anti-aging system is found in the mind. As a baby boomer myself, I understand how at 63 years old, I long for excellent health mentally, spiritually and physically. I long to understand how to slow down the aging process and I asked the questions, can human beings live to reach the age of 150 and beyond?……

Become One With Nature
5. Become One With Nature

Become A Universal Custodian For The Earth.

Problem 5 : The disconnect of the human mind from the mind of nature has become one of the biggest setback of human development. The oneness and unity of both minds synergistically working together is where the natural powers are contained. This disunity of the natural order has reduced the people to an inferior mental state where they are more connected with man-made technology than the natural resources of the earth. The human beings responsibly to the earth is fundamental and is not to be neglected. When the earth is abused and damaged by its human occupants and the environment, animals and insects face extinction, the balance is disturbed and the earth’s energy becomes destructive…….

winged scarab beetle carved on top of door of Edfu temple ,Egypt, Africa
6. The Energy Of Death

Death Is The Agency Of New Birth

Problem 6: Death is the agency of new birth. The world’s religious teachers have made death a scary experience instead of the healthy positive and necessary reality that it really is. There is a wonderful energy produced by death that enhances the whole world when it naturally occurs. The problem arises when an abundance of unnatural deaths occurs. Murder, wars, pollution, created diseases all create disaster zones in the earth where people starve and or killed in wars. This effects the minds of the people who are causing  these deaths to take their own lives at an alarming rate……