The Secret of Infinite Intelligence, International Best Seller

This book is an inspirational book full of self help wisdom, sales training, motivational psychology, metaphysics and meta spiritual awareness wrapped neatly in an epic science fiction thriller. In This Book You’ll Learn About:

  • Metaspiritual Awareness
  • The Seven Heavens Of The Mind
  • The Theory Of Conjunctive Congruity
  • Success Through A Productive Negative Mental Attitude
  • The Power Of Planetary Thinking
  • The Seven Lessons Of Entrepreneurship
    …and Much Much More!

Cyber-Neuro-Genetic Technologies


– the home of Dr. Shepherd’s Universe Sci Fi Series


DR. SHEPHERD'S UNIVERSE SERIESThe first books of Dr. Shepherd’s Universe science fiction series reveal the extent to which Earth has been influenced by alien forces, and it uncovers the secret, extraterrestrial base camp on an undisclosed planet in our solar system. In this story is a powerful formula of success that will enable 500 million people to change this planet into a safe place of peace, harmony, and abundance for all. This is not a naïve utopian prediction. It is a concept based on reality designed to produce a green environment and a healthy business and social establishment everywhere on this planet.


Part 1: Extraterrestrials On Earth 2022

David reflects on a difficult day of using super powers to end genocide and ethnic cleansing.He remembers how he and his sister Joan were recruited to participate in a mysterious assignment that turned into a matrix that gave birth to the strangest announcement this planet has ever heard.The announcement explains what happened to the dinosaurs; who built the pyramids; and that there are extraterrestrials on Earth.


Part 2: The Extraterrestrials Presence

Meeting extraterrestrials face to face is surreal. No feeling adequately describes it. In training to become a cyber super warrior, Joan realizes that her destiny is, one day, to fight to save the Earth. Dr. Shepherd is the most interesting person David has ever met.When Dr. Shepherd’s identity is revealed, a new reality emerges. It is greater than anything David’s imagination could ever conceive, but he wasn’t afraid.


Part 3: The Neurogenetic Implant

The student masters must learn how to use their new cyber-neurogenetic technology that has now become one with their anatomy. Dr. Shepherd is literally re-creating their brains and their bodies. His galactic plan will soon transform Earth’s population.The artificial mind the people have been given must be removed and student masters must use their super powers to create The Third Self to save Earth.


Part 4: The Third Shelf

To have powers greater than comic book super heroes is unreal and more than Joan’s mind can handle. Their brains are no longer normal. They are now hybrids, and not completely human.They’ve become high-tech soldiers in training to fight aliens in the battle of all battles. Dr. Shepherd introduces his wife, Mary. The surprise statement she delivers is shocking and more serious than the implantation of digital chips during brain surgery.


Part 5: The Perfect Mistake

Dr. Shepherd reveals to the student masters top-secret information about the universal order of creation. Two hundred and fifty men and two hundred and fifty women are trained to unite as defenders to achieve the ultimate relationship.Dr. Shepherd explains why he chose to recruit the homeless, the orphans, the parolees, and military veterans. The student masters take flying lessons. They prepare to accept their destiny to defend the galaxy from evil.


Part 6: The Intergalactic Conference

The training intensifies as preparation for the galactic conference begins. Dr. Shepherd describes the many alien life forms that will attend.The marriage ceremony is drawing closer. When the moment of truth arrives, Dr. Shepherd asks the penetrating question. Tears flow.Dr. Shepherd describes the historical foundation for nursery rhymes that tell of Humpty Dumpty falling from the wall and why a baby falls from the treetop.


Part 7: The Cosmic Energy

Mary teaches a life-altering lesson on the subject of The Universal Way. The long awaited day of challenge has arrived.After meeting their alien adversaries, the companions follow Dr. Shepherd as he embarks on a surprise mission no one could have imagined. This tests their capabilities.


Part 8: The Moment Of Trial

David begins to doubt. The training is moving forward at such a rapid rate that the minds of the student masters are stretching in all directions.When Mr. Single is exposed, he reveals his unique origin and warns of the ethical argument surrounding their creation.The galactic conference creates sights and emotions never before seen or felt. The wedding transforms the universe into a new dimension where truth will prevail.


Part 9: Human Teratology

International kidnapping is under way and the companions are activated as the only fighting force that can stop it. Theirs is the ultimate rescue mission. The worst that could happen presents itself and they are mortified. A state of serenity becomes their secret weapon in battle. This battle is ten times greater than the first. The Nine arrives on a dying planet that could be a sign of the Earth’s destiny.


Part 10: The Greater Works

As the master plan unfolds, Dr. Shepherd’s brilliance comes into focus. The greatest evil in the universe appears. Given current understanding, the Cyber-N-Gen possesses a secret force no one can begin to understand. The galaxy witnesses a long-awaited occasion.People gather for a galactic conference that occurs in a surprising location above Earth. They’ve come to hear Dr. Shepherd tell the greatest story ever told.