d32fc1c2f9dbb43d918d1cb459b3dca2If re-inventing ones’ self is a form of Alchemy, Antar is King. #1 International Best Selling Author, success trainer, entrepreneur, life coach and mentor, Antar has spent the last 35 years traveling all over the United States, enlightening and uplifting the masses with his insightful message and formula for not just material success, but success in every aspect of life.

A renowned authority on the human condition, his story holds the keys to understanding his evolution and why he impacts so many in such an amazingly brief time span.

Growing up within the turmoil of the civil rights era, Antar witnessed firsthand the unconscionable brutalities against American Citizens.

Marked by the deaths of many great leaders of the civil rights movement at that time, the impact upon him was evident. Antar was ripe with potential and gifted with an extremely brilliant mind. However, without the right guidance, his energy would be squandered through juvenile delinquency and his brilliant mind became a breeding ground for crime.

Not since Bill Sands have we witnessed such a story, where we find a young man entrenched in the dark life of the streets, compelled by an internal urgency to make more of himself. He found himself using all the wrong methods to achieve that more from robbery to drug-induced highs, and as a young adult, Antar eventually found himself within the harsh womb of a prisons’ walls. It was there that he experienced his rebirth.

Enveloped within the acidic prison experience, a lifeline was extended to Antar by way of the books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. This sparked a remarkable awakening and ignited an emergence of his higher self, and a much needed introduction to his truest self.

Although four years had passed, seemingly wasted, in actuality his entire life was fortified as he walked away knowing himself truly as “The Soul”. Antar began vigilantly using his gifts, writing and perceptive abilities concentrated in his deeply felt values, to help others who were also previously maimed by inferiority complexes planted deeply in their minds, in search of true self knowledge.

Without fail, Antar has proven the effectiveness of his brand of logic, combined with an enthusiasm that is hard to miss and easy to catch. As the “Master-Teacher” in a profound series of courses through “Stay in The Miracle Institute”, Antar molds and reshapes the minds of the people through daily doses of webinars, blogs, videos and coaching calls that invigorate and educate with the purpose of creating independence within the participants, so they can have the tools necessary to conquer their inhibitions, fears and roadblocks to peace, weight loss and wealth accumulation.

He doesn’t simply motivate, he invigorates. His ability to supply vital information while keeping each listener engaged and anticipating his next lesson is a rare find. A far cry from his early years based in taking, the contribution Antar is making to humanity is firmly rooted in his belief that Peace is our destiny and we are all deserving of victory.

His courses sell out consistently amongst men and women. Some say it’s because of the contagious nature of his message. Either way the results speak for themselves.
As a story-teller, Antar uses the power of compelling metaphorical writing to educate in a subtle yet transformative way. By way of an innate creativity and nearly savant mental capability, Antar weaves an entertaining, memorable and lesson- filled story as he assists his readers and listeners both, to navigate their unique course towards realizing your life’s destiny.

This is evident in his latest book, a sci-fi thriller entitled Dr. Shepherds Universe. In this series, he engages the reader on the conscious level with a riveting story, while infusing the subconscious mind with very potent and healing servings of what Antar calls “an Inspirational Stew” filled with the ingredients of self-help psychology, metaphysics, neurology, meta-spiritual awareness training, coupled with management and sales techniques.

Foremost, Antar is a self-help psychologist and social scientist who understands what its like to be both the caterpillar and the butterfly. He further understands the process of evolution between each stage. Through replicating the process found in the development of the cocoon, he utilizes a seasoned wisdom like that of a Sage.

He is able to transcend the trivialities of human weaknesses that prevent one from being able to hear and/or accept his message demanding that you must “more than believe in yourself”. From shame and embarrassment, to guilt or complacency, Antar is keenly sensitive to the emotional challenges that keep human beings from succeeding and seeking help.

His process of engagement is a patient and graciously unfolding one, like that of a flower. Through his profound explanations, men and women from all walks of life have, for the first time in their lives, developed an understanding of their issues, whether based in family or their individual selves. In the comfort of their own homes, they are able to engage, expand and experience the hope and possibility of lasting change while he provides The Golden Secrets of a Peaceful Mind without the false pretense that it is an easy path. Antar has stated, “The Universe is designed to make you give up, but if you don’t quit, the Universe is designed to pay up.”

And Antar is there to help you keep going in order to claim what is rightfully yours. It is clear to see that Antar is far from ordinary. He has created a method to assist even the most difficult cases.

Whether motivating, coaching, advising, counseling, inspiring or serving as a means to aiding others reach more wealth, he is a leader in his field.

For more information, contact Antar at stayinthemiracle@gmail.com

Read this website for further details regarding the services he provides, and learn more about the man known as Antar the Navigator.


This is the best science fiction story I have read in fact it may be the greatest science fiction story ever told. That is a big statement I know, But I have been around a long time even through the Star Trek and Star wars era. The one question I have is this science fiction or is this what is really happening and we just have not figured it out yet?I may have more insight here because I have had the unique pleasure of reading the ten books of the trilogy. I can’t wait to read the next books in the second trilogy. You have got to read these books!

Ron A.J Fortt~

“When I read the first chapter of this book I was AMAZED! It was captivating. I eat, breathe, and live the principles that are taught in this book. The different prospective and guidance that is provided is priceless. If you want to take your life to another level this is a must read.”

Mary Parrish